Bike Rides

An Evening Extraordinaire!

The weather in Namma Bengaluru can be quite enigmatic, more so in the monsoon. The week started out with cloudy skies typical of the infamous Bengaluru climate, but was sun-kissed a few days leading up to the weekend. Our ride started from Bannerghatta Nice road point at 5 AM. I picked up my friend on the way.


The Breeze of Mahanadi

Odisha - a state with a rich mix of culture and heritage. We were at Gania, a small town in the Nayagarh district of Odisha state in India. Today we were scheduled to go boating in one of the magnificent rivers of India - The Mahanadi. Boating being one of the highlights, more fascinating was… Continue reading The Breeze of Mahanadi


Trek with the Clouds

It was just over 6am as the bus wound towards the sleepy little town of Nagara. Kodachadri is located in Shivamogga district which is also known as the Gateway to Malnad. I had decided to trek the mighty peak after a long gap of 7 years. We were only 2 of us and it was… Continue reading Trek with the Clouds


Walk with the Mountains

22nd Dec 2017, 5 pm: Somewhere between Kurangini and Kolukkumalai, The Mist had started settling down on the route. We were in the middle of a strenuous long ascent, winding hairpin curves as the destination refused to arrive. I cursed inwardly at my choice of the backpack as it was slowing me down, draining my… Continue reading Walk with the Mountains


A Place Lost in Time!

Bengaluru saw a record rainfall this year. On a rainy night, we set out for Gandikota and Belum Caves. The combination of incessant rainfall and a Friday night was enough to make us anxious about the infamous traffic situation in the city during a rainy day. For once we predicted our destiny right. We boarded… Continue reading A Place Lost in Time!


Monsoon is HERE

Leech bites are like battle scars(light humour) which warriors get in a war. Leech bites are an irritation frankly speaking but they are an integral part of the monsoon trek in the Western Ghats. I had got three cool meaty bites upon closer inspection. 5:30amI woke up to the pattering sound of rains. Everyone was in… Continue reading Monsoon is HERE


The Scented Gulmohar

Flashback :The clock strikes noon and we rush out of the hall. The exams have ended and the much-awaited summer vacation has begun. I cannot exactly recollect the date but it must be after the season of spring had set in. Bengaluru also was known as the Garden City of India was decked up in… Continue reading The Scented Gulmohar


The Sounds of the Forest

@ 1890m above sea level, we are being blasted by torrential downpour along with heavy gusts of wind as we try to devour our packed lunch after a moderately challenging 5 hour trek to the Kudremukha peak. The surrounding views are fully shrouded in thick mist and there is an eerie silence except for the rustling… Continue reading The Sounds of the Forest


The view with a Heart

      The backwaters hummed along the pitch of our voices as the ripples on the waters reminisced us of the typical sea waves. The wind was refreshing as it strove to cleanse us from the ever increasingly polluted city weather. The evening was beautiful but the setting sun decided to hide among the… Continue reading The view with a Heart


Into The Abyss

Oct 2nd - 2.30am Damn, I'm too jumpy about the alarm. 4.45am-  Seriously?  Swearing once again, I pulled over my blanket.  5.45am- Finally it's about time and I feel surprisingly fresh. Why not, given the fact that I literally snapped my neck over 2 false alarms. It's time to "dress to impress" as I feel… Continue reading Into The Abyss